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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Take One At Bedtime by Jenny Twist

TITLE: Take One At Bedtime

AUTHOR: Jenny Twist

MAIN GENRE: Contemporary, Paranormal 


LENGTH: 108 pages




Nobody ever goes upstairs in Margaret's house. So what is making the strange thumping noises up there? And why is there a toy rabbit under the kitchen table?

Margaret's Ghost is just one of a collection of short stories consisting mainly of horror and science fiction, ranging from a classic gothic tale – Jack Trevellyn – to the Wyndhamesque Victim of Fortune, and the modern Waiting for Daddy, with its spine-chilling twist.

There is also the occasional excursion into romance with A Castle in Spain and Jess's Girl.
But most of these tales take you to a place which is not quite as it seems.

It's bedtime now. Time to go upstairs. Time to take a look. Just one look.

WARNING: Do not exceed the stated dose.

Chillers and creepers, fuzzies and weepers—Take One At Bedtime has a little bit of everything.

This charming collection of short stories is difficult to label with just one genre. Some will make your skin break out with goose bumps, while others might just have you reaching for a tissue. For horror junkies to romance lovers—with such a wide variety—there’s bound to be something for everyone in this book.

I think what I liked most about this collection is that each story was different. After the first few, I realized that each held a new surprise. Typically, a collection of stories follows the same genre—horror, romance, mystery, etc. Not with this one. No, Ms. Twist certainly keeps you guessing what each new tale will bring.

Ms. Twist handles Grammar and punctuation well, and doesn’t make any point-of-view violations that distract from reading. If they were there, I didn’t notice. Despite the shortness of each story, the author does a pretty good job with character development. She manages to give enough information to get the reader interested in what happens with the main characters, but not so much that it weighs down the story and you get lost in the details. Kudos to Ms. Twist for successfully keeping my interest peaked with each of her unique tales and her skillful story telling.

Take One At Bedtime…how often have you disregarded the directions and taken more than you should? Beware the urge to overdose on Ms. Twist’s enchanting stories. Once you get started, you won’t want to quit, not until you’ve digested every last enticing tale.


  1. What a lovely review. Thank you, Willow

  2. This is a great review, Jenny! Congrats. :) What a nice way to begin 2012!