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Monday, June 17, 2013

Fabled Firefighters, Faeries and Knights

AUTHOR: Ellen Margret

PUBLISHER: Mélange Books


MAIN GENRE: Contemporary , Paranormal 


TERTIARY GENRE: Paranormal Type:  Shifter, Fairy/Fae, Magic 

SHIFTER TYPES:  Human that can change into any other person or creature, Alien that can turn into any other person or creature

LENGTH: 161 pages





Triple the pleasure, triple the fun, in “Fabled Firefighters, Faeries and Knights”, Ellen Margret offers us three books in one. Hold onto your seats as I whisk you through three entertaining tales that made me fret, swoon, and giggle with delight.

Statue With a Heart
Royce made the mistake of threatening a witch. As punishment, she cast a spell that turned him to stone. He remained that way for over eight hundred years, watching as Della, his beautiful forest nymph, danced naked around him. It was more than he could bear. How he desperately ached to love her as a mortal man!

The first story, Statue with a Heart, features an arrogant Lord Royce, who thoroughly pisses off a powerful witch, Udella, and gets himself turned to stone as punishment for being a whoremonger and a conceited scoundrel. For hundreds of years, Royce is trapped in a tomb of stone, unable to move or interact with the world around him. As the years go by, poor Royce can only watch as the world changes. But there is a light in his dark tunnel, one by the name of Della, whose presence both tortures and tantalizes him at the same time.

Unaware that her statue is alive, Della dreams of his strong arms around her, his smooth lips upon her mouth, and his hard manhood—albeit deceptively small at the present—rising to give her pleasures she’s never known. She dances naked in a rainstorm just for his enjoyment, and kisses him every night while gingerly memorizing each nook and cranny of his stony structure with her fingertips. Oh, if only he were real…

When the reincarnated witch, now Eluned appears and grants Della’s wish, her morbid life takes on new color. Gambling parents, a repulsive fiancé, and a crap-load of debt don’t stand a chance against the destiny of love and one powerful spell.

The Search for Yuala
Rad is a firefighter who also practices Shamanism and is able to turn himself into a cat, wolf or any human being. Eva Valens, a beautiful police inspector, sees possibilities in this and persuades Rad to help in police investigations. Very soon both are in love, but when his ex-wife and Eva's ex-husband show up, things begin to go wrong and their love is tested. Will they ever find happiness together?

Book two, The Search for Yuala, starts off with a laugh as Detective Eva Valens interrogates a not-so-cooperative Jago Radcliff—Rad for short. His quirky responses only get more hilarious as he skillfully evades Eva’s questions. A by-the-books cop, Eva is determined to prove Rad is a criminal. The hilarity continues when she sneaks into Rad’s house and gets an eyeful of more than she ever expected.

Rad has a big secret, one he’s never shared with anyone, not even his own mum. And yet, despite being furious with Eva for invading his home, he finds himself spilling the bean about his ability to metilluse—morph into other things. He’s even able to create the illusion of clothes! Imagine walking around stark naked but others think you’re dressed to the hilt. Oh the possibilities…

All comedy aside, Eva and Rad quickly find themselves in the middle of a kidnapping/blackmail scheme that threatens their lives when Rad’s secret is discovered by some a not so by-the-book cop and a conniving ex-spouse. Miscommunication threatens the tedious relationship between Rad and Eva, but they’ll have to temporarily set aside their misgivings and work together to save those most dear to them.

Ben Enigma and the Faery Princess
Ben Enigma routinely used his shape shifting ability to aid the police in their investigations. However, his biggest challenge was to help Cettia, a banished faery princess, return to her realm and attempt to depose Queen Corvusa, her tyrannical stepmother. This mission was not going to be easy, but falling in love with the faery most certainly was.

Last but not least, is book three, Ben Enigma and the Faery Princess. Poor princess Cettia has had an awful time of things with her evil stepmother and equally corrupt step-brothers—one of whom is dying to get into her fairy pants. Accused of a horrid crime she didn’t commit, she’s banished to Earth where it’s expected she’ll perish. But Cettia meets a peculiar man by the name of Ben, who is able to do marvelous things and her life takes a sudden turn for the best. She takes an instant liking to Ben and rewards him with her fairy virginity—a spectacular event for both of them.

Even though Ben is an alien, he’s a nice guy who’s made a decent life for himself on Earth. When he discovers the cowering, broken fairy hiding upon the rooftop of a parking garage, he knows he’s found something spectacular indeed. Moved by her heart-wrenching tale—as well as her luscious fairy body—he decides to help Cettia take back what is rightfully hers and set things right in the fairy world.

The dialect between Cettia and Ben is amusing. Cettia’s naiveté is humorous. Ben proves to be a resourceful fella. His quick wit and willingness to do whatever it takes to save Cettia is refreshing and heartwarming. The queen and her terrible sons are the perfect villains. As a reader, I disliked them from the start—which I presume is the author’s desired effect. Overall, the story was enjoyable and entertaining, a perfect ending to this trilogy of tales. Thank you, Ms. Margret, for giving me the opportunity to read your stories; I thoroughly enjoyed all three, particularly the dialog. While a bit eccentric at times, it certainly kept me laughing.

To find out more about Ellen Margret and her writing, please visit her website.

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