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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Night to Remember by Bret Jordan

PUBLISHER: Purple Sword Publications
AUTHOR: Bret Jordan
GENRE: Contemporary Horror, Paranormal Erotica, Demon Possession
LENGTH: 11 pages
RATING: 4.5 roses!

Frank awakens to an unexpected erotic surprise from his wife. Her new found zealous need for a little bondage has him caught off guard yet left him pleasantly stunned. But what's gotten into Melissa? Dare to unravel the mystery with him in this chilling short from dark fantasy and horror author Bret Jordan.

Frank is awakened by an erotic surprise indeed. Seems his wife has decided try some new tricks. At first he’s a little taken aback by her almost feral hunger, but as her skillful mouth and hands—not to mention other parts of her body—work him over, he quickly lets his growing need silence the warning in his head that screams something’s not right here!

Melissa isn’t quite herself. A spectacle at church earlier that day has changed her life forever. I won’t say if that’s a good thing or not; you’ll have to read A Night to Remember and decide for yourself. I will say that Frank and Melissa’s marriage will have a new “twist”.

My first thought upon finishing the story was, “Wow, that totally creeped me out.” Bret Jordan has successfully written a story with a whole lot of meaning packed into a few pages. It’ll definitely leave you wondering what the future holds for Frank and Melissa, and what her final statement in the book means.

If you’re looking for a quick read that’ll get you turned on, get you thinking, then likely give you the heebie-jeebies, then grab your free copy of A Night to Remember. It’ll make you wonder…

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