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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pirate Unmasked by Judie Kleng

PUBLISHER: Black Lyon Publishing
AUTHOR: Judie Kleng
GENRE: Historical, Action/Adventure, Pirate
LENGTH: 209 pgs
RATING: 4 roses!

In both captain and lady lurked a bit of pirate.

Fleeing from an unwanted life in Crete, high-spirited Julie Sinclair decides her only escape is to disguise herself as a man and board The Black Hornet. Working as the ship’s new cabin boy, she comes face to face with the perils of the high seas—and a torrent of new emotions in the ship’s dashing young captain.

And the truest treasure they’ll find is love.

Captain Daine Challenger at first doesn’t recognize the beautiful green-eyed vixen aboard his ship, but once he does, there’s no forgetting her a second time. When Daine is injured and Julie taken from him, he’ll fight against the odds all the way to America to get her back—if only her heart still lies with him.

Hoise the sails, secure the riggin', and batten down the hatches, we're setting sail from the lovely isle of Crete on a whirlwind of adventure in Judie Kleng's Pirate Unmasked. Be prepared for inclement weather, lusty pirates, and a dashing captain who will likely steal your heart...

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