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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Soul Hunger by Marisa Chenery

PUBLISHER: Ellora's Cave
AUTHOR: Marisa Chenery
GENRE: Contemporary, Paranormal, Erotica, Demon, Undead, Immortals
LENGTH: 183 pages
RATING: 5 roses!

Book One in the Ra's Chosen Series

As one of Ra’s Chosen warriors, Mehen must protect mortals from the undead who hunt them. Gifted by the sun god Ra with immortality and other abilities, Mehen has never struggled with the task. Until one night when he saves a woman from three undead, and finds himself in need of saving. Something about the woman stirs him, and he’s consumed by his need not only for her body, but also her blood.

Blythe may have been saved by the man who took out her attackers, but her reaction to the feel of his arms around her and the way his eyes wander to her neck don’t make her feel much safer. When she’s taken to his headquarters against her will, she finds herself a prisoner. But when he unleashes passion in her like she’s never known, she realizes she’ll do anything to stay imprisoned.

But Blythe is not who she seems. And Mehen finds himself in the fight of his life to save the woman he loves from the evil that yearns to possess her.

How could one woman turn the world upside down for man who’s lived for hundreds of years? And yet, that’s exactly what Blythe does. Then again, Mehen’s not just any man.

As one of the Ra’s six chosen warriors, Mehen’s duties are to protect humanity. Every night he and his brother’s in arms hunt and destroy the undead. Afterward, they like to chill at one of the local bars before heading back to their warehouse turned impenetrable fortress. The night he meets Blythe is no different—he saves her from the undead. What happens afterward changes his whole immortal life.

The sun god Ra has declared that no mortal is to know about his warriors or the undead that Apep, god of evil, uses to gather souls. His Chosen have been charged with the duty of “wiping” the memories of any human who witnesses them. When Mehen can’t wipe Blythe’s memories, he knows something’s wrong. In all his years, that’s never happened.

Blythe has had her fill of overbearing men. Her ex saw fit to shelter her away from society whilst he took his pleasures elsewhere. Now divorced and scraping by, she’s sure as heck not ready to fall for another pretty face, particularly one who sees fit to kidnap her, lock her in his bedroom, and want her blood! Too bad her body seems hell bent on betraying her better sense.

Soul Hunger is book one in Ms. Chenery's Ra’s Chosen series. The book starts off with a bang and just keeps getting better. Poor Blythe just wants to get her life back on track and Mehen has no desire for a permanent girlfriend. Unfortunately, the gods have other plans. The characters are a so easy to love. Her warriors aren’t your typical men. They eat, sleep drink beer, etc. like any mortal, but they require blood and sunlight to energize their strength. These aren’t vampires; no the author has created something else. The plot has enough twists and turns to keep you on edge and the sex is good enough to make you drool. Just don’t short out your computer or ebook reader! Other than a few editing mistakes—which by no means detract from the story—I couldn’t find any flaws. Ms. Chenery has an excellent grasp on grammar and character point of view. She has created an enthralling world of to-die-for warriors and a heroine that’ll make you laugh. By the time you’re done, you’ll want a warrior for your own. Of course, Mehen is taken so you’ll have to choose from one of the remaining 5, all of whom are equally tempting.

If you like bad-boy, warrior-type men who can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and still make you squirm beneath their capable hands, then you better grab a copy of Soul Hunger by Marisa Chenery. Just be warned, you’re likely to fall hard for her immortals. I know I wouldn’t being one of their midnight snacks.

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